Tips to help you set up sales forecasting in Dynamics 365 Sales

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Almost all trade-related organizations recognize the need to maintain accurate sales forecasts. However, a great many of them still use lengthy spreadsheets to keep track of forecasts. This article provides guidelines for using Dynamics 365 Sales to forecast and make it easier to make accurate forecasts in a rapidly changing environment.

Fraud Trends: How Accounts become takeover in the Digital World. Part 1.

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2020 was an unexpected year, when a year ago they wrote business forecasts for 2020, no one could have guessed that this year would become so unpredictable.

Why is it important to focus on subscription churn?

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On a subscription basis, stable income is key to maintaining business continuity and increasing the revenue base to create the best possible service.

Transformation of patient insights using Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

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Organizations connected with health and medicine were working on digital transformation far before the 2020 health crisis. The pandemic made adjustments to work plans on developing new models, products and services for customers.

Dynamics 365 Field Service for serving assets

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Support for scenarios is offered in Dynamics 365 Field Service. Now users can crate work orders despite the fact that order and asset may have different accounts.

Innovations to help small and medium-sized businesses go digital

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Now is the right time small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should embrace digitalization in order to grow rapidly with the change of market dynamics. Today binding to location and specific time is no longer important. Moreover, the expectations of customers have changed. Many small and medium-sized business leaders are tied to legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or lightweight accounting systems that do not support changes, not to mentioning providing the insight they need to make decisions faster and connect with customers in real time.

Dynamics 365 business applications are expanded with a preview add-on electronic invoicing

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Companies have many reasons to use e-invoicing instead of paper documentation, such as regulatory compliance, quick response to changes in regulations, and less manual errors, not mentioning financial and processing benefits.

3 new approaches to build relationships with customers using Dynamics 365 Marketing

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We are living in interesting world today. There are a lot of differences in ways of living, working and communicating. It has never been more important in business to have an opportunity to interact with customers in a personal and appropriate way. Microsoft is doing everything to help businesses build relationships and engage with customers in this new world. This is the main purpose of the current Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing release.

Microsoft Power Platform helps to build back-to-school solutions with the Dynamics 365 education accelerator

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The beginning of autumn always associates with back-to-school times, feeling of excitement and impatience, however now this time is distorted by global pandemics. It is still unclear for some parents how distant learning process will go, they worry about the tech side and how to get the use of new software. For teachers it is vital to know each student is able to learn and has required materials. What is more significant is keeping families healthy and safe.

The ways banks simplify connections using customer data platforms

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It is undoubtfully known that customers are the main asset for banking industry. Nowadays banks are interested in focusing on customer preferences and supporting essential specialists as never before. It is the opportunity for banks to show customer-focused experience in the times when people continue to face financial instability and hardship.

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