Improve supply chain resilience through access to inventory

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An accurate and reliable inventory view is the basis for many of the decisions you make in your company. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain timely and accurate data. Keeping track of your inventory is the key to making decisions about replenishment, inventory strategy, and the company's financial health. It is important to understand that every action related to the supply chain, at some point, may also affect stocks.

Dynamics 365 Finance now officially offers finance insights

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AI in finance

There has been a lot of talk about the prospects of AI, machine learning and robotization of processes in recent years, including in the financial sector. However, the discussions were not supported by concrete examples and explanations of how to apply these technologies in order to achieve better results and improve performance. Financial analytics allows you to predict cash flows and put forward intelligent budget proposals.

Using diagnostics in order to optimize call center routing

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Smooth and properly configured routing has undeniable benefits in terms of optimizing maintenance workload and increasing efficiency. The business module can change, scale, and the original routing infrastructure becomes more complex. Updates to Unified Routing in Dynamics 365 Customer Service make it much easier to manage these processes.

Mixed reality helps in exploring the Intel manufacturing environment.

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Modern companies have seen value in using mixed reality. It can be used to influence how employees learn and work. Microsoft offers unique mixed reality solutions that transform the workforce in an intuitive way. Examples of such solutions are Microsoft HoloLens 2, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

Integrated manufacturing solution helps breaking down data silos

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Often there is a problem of aligning production management systems (equipment, personnel) called manufacturing execution systems with resource planning systems such as Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Custom MESs that are tailored to the manufacturer's requirements can be created for a variety of reasons. At the same time, manufacturers face difficulties when integrating such systems with ERP systems.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps to enhance consent management

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When we talk about customer-owned data, confidentiality and compliance are first and foremost taken into account. In today's privacy-critical world, consent funnels are just as important as shopping sequences. Working to create a focused and personalized experience, customer consent for all processes, without exception, where data is used.

A Center of Excellence helps ensure the success of the Power Platform

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Microsoft Power Platform is releasing a new low-code platform for workflow reporting and automation. In combination with Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps, the platform can be used for software development, analysis, and automation. Organizations using the Microsoft Power Platform need to scale solutions to meet demand-level performance. And the best solution is to start by creating a Center of Excellence (CoE).

Expanding Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem with Shopify

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners with Shopify to simplify the shopping experience for customers. Dynamics 365 Business Central provides end-to-end business management while Shopify provides a simple e-commerce product. By integrating with each other, the systems synchronize orders and customer information so that sellers can serve customers quickly and efficiently. Collaboration furthers Dynamics 365 Business Central's commitment to data connectivity to accelerate the adoption of more efficient enterprises.

Optimize order fulfillment and supply chain continuity with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

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Many companies face supply chain problems. These difficulties are solvable by digital transformation, but organizational constraints are becoming an obstacle. The lack of awareness of corporate systems is an obstacle for companies to gain an understanding of their supply chain. And outdated technology hinders business continuity, affecting the inability to adapt to changing customer demand.

Consolidating HR offerings opens wide possibilities for customers

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Microsoft today announced that it is introducing new HR capabilities to all customers in Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

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