Agility is a key to success for small and midsized businesses

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Small and medium-sized businesses are distinguished by their uniqueness. Strategy building is one of the most important factors. The key aspect is the ability to come up with new ways of development and ways to implement innovative solutions. In fact, only flexibility, the ability to adapt business models, can lead small and medium-sized enterprises to successful development. In addition, a developed ecosystem is required to implement a high level of flexibility.

Quick adapting with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a solution that helps you manage your business in the cloud. Connected status means the ability to combine finance, operations and maintenance teams in one program. In it, you can receive ready-made analytical information that will be useful for the successful development of your business. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers companies operational flexibility instead of simply providing basic operations. This means that small and medium-sized businesses will be able to quickly and efficiently adapt to rapidly changing conditions and market demands.

The most effective way would be to use Microsoft Power Platform in combination with Office 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Azure. The ecosystem of applications will give businesses the ability to fully analyze data, automate processes, and create virtual agents. Microsoft Power Apps turns ideas into complete solutions. Thus, anyone can create applications that solve unique business problems.

Partnering with partners enables Microsoft to deliver the most useful and effective applications to businesses based on industry best practices. For example, Microsoft AppSource has about 1,400 apps to customize and extend Dynamics 365 Business Central. In Microsoft AppSource, you can find applications for any industry: profitability, construction, banking, XML, and more.

On April 26, 2021, the Directions North America Partner Conference showcased the apps that will soon be available on Microsoft AppSource:

  • Square is an application that will allow you to quickly accept payments, do it easily and most importantly, securely. Square can be used whether you're selling online or offline, as the app handles card payments. The Square Payments app from AppSource syncs automatically with Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you can track all transactions in one application.
  • is a service for streamlining workflows and optimizing payables and receivables payments. is known as the leading provider of cloud software. Its role is to automate complex back office financial operations for small and medium businesses. It is planned to integrate with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics GP. This service will help you take control of financial processes, saving time and making it possible to scale successfully.
  • ODP Corporation, a digital purchasing platform, will partner with Microsoft to transform the way companies buy and sell. The goal is to provide Dynamics 365 Business Central customers with a digital purchasing platform. And also, to increase economy and automation.

Smart work in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is part of the cloud solution. This means it can be extended by adding solutions like Office 365 along with Teams, Excel, Outlook and Word. Using these tools will give you endless possibilities for remote work, cost control and security. By integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central with Microsoft 365 apps, you can ensure that your employees are more productive.

The choice is yours, but Dynamics 365 Business Center is uniquely positioned to manage workflows with the flexibility you need to succeed.

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