Automated optimization of discount management to increase margins

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One way to build brand loyalty is to offer discounts and royalties to customers and suppliers. Discounts affect product pricing and payouts, deductions, and income.

However, it can be tedious for employees to track and calculate all discount programs without special tools.

A preview of the discount management module in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is now available. The tool helps you track discounts and keep all information in one place to view and process it efficiently.

Unified management of discounts

In the discount management module, you can manage all discounts for customers, customer royalties, suppliers, including:

  • Defining customer and vendor discounts, complex royalties, and vendor discounts based on customer sales.
  • Management of complex discounts in the absence of the same calculation base, term or amount of discounts
  • Control over multiple concurrent or overlapping supplier discount agreements with the option to offset the discount
  • Control of the accrual of discounts and processing of time periods for the accrual and demand of discounts.
  • Improving cash flow forecasting with a claims process
  • Providing flexibility using rebate calculations
  • Sharing reports

Manage discounts between companies

Management of discounts and payments throughout the company and settlement of sales between legal entities is one of the functions of the discount management tool.

Online reporting

The Bonus and Statement Transaction Report provides insight into costs versus discounts. This makes it possible to track spending on declared discounts in comparison with unpaid ones. In addition, the function of sharing a report with clients is available.

Optimization of the rebate process

Discount optimization consists of accurate collateral, targeted transactions, and write-offs. Often, vendor discounts are based on their sales. For this, there is a special scenario in the bonus management module with conditions under which the supplier can receive a monetary reward if the buyer reaches the sales targets. Flexible discounts can be based on the number of sales or the value of the reference price, which includes the sales price, the average and the last purchase price for a specific period, as well as the FIFO purchase price with periodic calculation.

Mobile calculations

A complex discount mechanism requires a flexible settlement mechanism. The discount management module applies the calculation to both one customer and a group of customers. Date ranges can be different for detailed line discounts. The deadlines for submitting claims may also vary. In the discount management module, you can configure discounts based on various parameters (percentage, fixed amount or rate)

The module has 4 main calculation methods: stepwise, cumulative, rolling and cumulative. The flexibility in calculating the bonus is enhanced by customizable transaction types.

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