Consolidating HR offerings opens wide possibilities for customers

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Microsoft today announced that it is introducing new HR capabilities to all customers in Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

There are currently 2 HR sets in two different Dynamics 365 infrastructures:

  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a complete stand-alone application thanks to the fact that it runs on an independent infrastructure. It is used to obtain information about the employees working for the company and to increase flexibility. A lot of investment and a lot of work have been invested in the work on Dynamics 365 Human Resources.
  • The HR module contains an outdated set of features. It was previously part of the Unified Operations licensed package. No enhancements have been added to this module, and HR capabilities are available through Dynamics 365 Finance or Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. The HR module also works on the same infrastructure, in the operational portfolio, formerly called Finance and Operations.

Of course, double access to personnel data only creates misunderstandings and limits the use of the application by 100%. Here's what customers will get by combining capabilities in one infrastructure:

  • Improved vacation and absence control, benefits management and reporting;
  • Extensibility with Microsoft Power Platform and augmentation of business logic to personalize screens and forms;
  • Deploy more efficiently and intelligently manage the application lifecycle, services, and geographic availability;
  • Innovation in the context of the roadmap. Engineers can now use shared services, thereby reducing platform costs.

Please note that Dynamics 365 Human Resources is still licensed and sold as a standalone application. However, the merger will open up the shared infrastructure of Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Dataverse. Of course, the transition will affect those using the HR module and Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Frequently asked questions and answers to them:

When is the completion of the Dynamics 365 Human Resources infrastructure merger planned?

The infrastructure merger is planned as a phased process. This is necessary so that all clients have enough time to make the transition. New opportunities will appear already from the 2nd wave of 2021. The merger will be completed in wave 1 release 2022.

When does a company need to migrate to a new infrastructure?

The answer is different for each company, and it depends on the readiness for the transition and the current configuration.

  • Organizations that use the HR module will have new features along with regular One Version updates. Preliminary, the functions will become available from January 2022.
  • To complete the integration, organizations that use Dynamics 365 Human Resources will be provided with migration tools. It's best to check your migration plan regularly and stay up-to-date on the tools available. On average, it is planned that after the availability of tools, it is worth completing the transition in 1-1.5 years.
  • Organizations that use the HR module and Dynamics 365 Human Resources will also need to use migration tools.

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