Dynamics 365 Guides and Azure Object Anchors helping you to improve on-the-job guidance

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As the pace of production increases, organizations are trying to improve the skills of their employees faster. The lack of the necessary qualifications means that more than 4 million jobs in the US manufacturing industry may be left without specialists.

Updating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides allows for faster employee access to digital leadership in real-world scenarios. Employees are given the opportunity to practically learn new skills on the spot. In this way, companies attract employees and provide them with the practical skills to meet changing requirements.

What is learning today?

Classroom teaching methods, while inexpensive, are ineffective. Just over half of the material is adopted after the traditional teaching method. About 90% of CEOs are looking to invest in innovative technologies and want to reimagine the workforce experience. Microsoft sees opportunities to improve learning by providing technology solutions to organizations.

Instead of hundreds of pages of tutorials and guides, employees can move on to an immersion collaborative experience. About 100 million new jobs will be created by 2025, which is why it is important to provide workers with deep practical skills?

How-to with Dynamics 365 Guides and Azure Object Anchors

Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed reality tool for organizations looking to improve the skills of their employees on practical tasks. With this tool, you can create detailed hologram workflows on your head display to effectively simulate real-world scenarios.

Markers and visual overlays train muscle memory and accelerate learning.

Branching logic is common in non-linear tutorials. Users can choose the appropriate option based on skill level and workflow variability. Step-by-step instructions help employees learn more efficiently and faster, reducing downtime.

At the Microsoft Business Applications Summit, one of the latest developments was announced - Azure Object Linking Dynamics 365 Guides. The point is that Azure Object Anchors automatically align digital content with physical objects. This eliminates the need for QR code markers and also improves alignment accuracy. Dynamics 365 Guides and Azure Object Anchors enable agents to quickly and easily navigate between workflows with HoloLens, which detects anchors and triggers overlaid digital content. Thus, companies can forget about manual processes with a lot of human error.

Customer feedback is very important to Microsoft and Azure Object Anchors is a technology developed from customer feedback. Toyota Japan has used this technology to place digital markers in its environment to improve process efficiency. Toyota dealerships have implemented Azure Object Linking and accelerated employee onboarding. The new Dynamics 365 Guides feature offers tremendous opportunities to improve productivity.

Such decisions are needed in many industries where the skills gap is growing. Organizations that use experiential learning solutions such as Dynamics 365 Guides empower employees while leaving the option of on-the-job follow-up learning.

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