Dynamics 365 Sales helps to automatically capture contacts from email

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The best source of contact information is email, however, it takes time and effort to manually create contacts right from email messages. With the help of advanced AI technologies working on a principle of scanning To and From fields, signature and content and creating contacts you can spend more time selling.

Here is a review where premium auto capture uses AI to select needed information directly from email and create contact.

Automatic detection of email signature

The principle of work is simple, but reliable. ML model captures signature in email and imports data from it, automatically crating contact for you. Note that it is not a manual copy-past principle. For creating this model developers used a great data set with email examples with a different pattern.

Each line in email is represented as a vector (series of numbers). Uppercase letters are represented by numbers in vector which is also a fingerprint of signature and non-signature lines containing names or not. Vectors are made to teach AI determine a signature in text. Besides, there is another algorithm determining the signature block. can extract the data asked in entities like name, phone number, address etc.

Right after the contact is determined, user is suggested to add new contact. Not only time is saved here, but also human factor is reduced.

Automatic detection of contact mention

Sometimes it happens like contact information can be found in body of email too. It is a more difficult task. For instance, the COO Aria is mentioned in the text, AI match it with aria@contoso.com. The reverse operation here is guessing the name by email. It also can be done thank to AI used in premium auto capture.

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