Expanding Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem with Shopify

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners with Shopify to simplify the shopping experience for customers. Dynamics 365 Business Central provides end-to-end business management while Shopify provides a simple e-commerce product. By integrating with each other, the systems synchronize orders and customer information so that sellers can serve customers quickly and efficiently. Collaboration furthers Dynamics 365 Business Central's commitment to data connectivity to accelerate the adoption of more efficient enterprises.

Fast adaptation

The synergy between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify will definitely bring positive results in helping to organize more agile processes and still stick to a sales focus. Once you have your online stores and business transactions data set up, you can easily manage inquiries, merchandising, and product prices. Dynamics 365 Business Central will be able to support any Shopify Store scenario with tiered pricing structures.

Conscious work

The fewer manual processes, the more accurate the job will be. It will also help you focus on customer care. When you connect Shopify and Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can improve your inventory visibility, order history, statuses, payments, and more. A faster response to customer requests depends on visibility.

Advanced performance

Efficiency in operations saves time, costs and facilitates faster decision making. As a result, you gain confidence in minimizing costs while expanding your online presence. Dynamics 365 Business Central is also an excellent financial and tax reporting tool for all financial law requirements.

Microsoft's goal is to create an open system to help customers find the right solutions to accelerate their digital transformation. Joining Shopify Global ERP enables Dynamics 365 Business Central customers to accelerate growth by processing payments using a built-in connector that will be available in 2022.

Analytics is at the heart of all innovation. It is based on quality data. Advanced capabilities will enable Dynamics 365 Business Central users to meet the needs of their customers. At the same time, enterprise customers continue to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to provide the ability to make payments offline or online. This capability means businesses of all sizes can do business anywhere, providing consumers with better experiences and choices.

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