How to advance your on-premises migration to Dynamics 365

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Change is not always easy. Economic changes due to the pandemic have pushed many organizations to rethink their processes and infrastructures to stay competitive. Changes in the market have accelerated the transition to cloud technologies, but some companies are still assessing the costs of the transition. To address this issue, Microsoft launched the Dynamics 365 Migration Community. This community will answer all migration questions and provide access to Microsoft resources to accelerate your transition to Dynamics 365.

Join to experience

In the process of modernizing solutions, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM customers face several critical issues. If so, the Dynamics 365 Migration community provides support for your journey to the cloud. Thus, Microsoft is a coalition of migration professionals as well as clients who need help with this daunting task. The community can help you estimate the cost of the transition, answer all questions, and help you understand the value of moving to the cloud, find a partner, and resolve licensing issues.

  • Discover all new knowledge and insights for yourself thanks to informative content;
  • Get feedback from industry professionals (technicians and financiers);
  • Ask all your questions on the Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM forms.

The Dynamics 365 Migration Community is about bringing together all of the expertise to tackle the challenges of migration.

Estimate the utility

When you first think about migration, it is not always clear where to start. Microsoft suggests starting with the Standard Migration Assessment, which is free and helps you assess the values and steps of moving to the cloud. SMA shows the potential benefits of cloud solutions through analysis.

  • Reduce costs and problems by optimizing migration;
  • Understanding the benefits of moving to the cloud;
  • Connecting Business Objectives with Dynamics 36;

Appreciate the value

Most often, the technical side of the issue is singled out among the advantages of cloud solutions, but they forget about such advantages as financial benefits and business results that contribute to increased efficiency. Microsoft Catalyst gives customers a quantitative change. This makes it easier to understand the benefits of moving to the cloud. Cost estimates are made by comparing peers and identifying ways to improve efficiency through the cloud.

  • Build a step-by-step cloud transition plan;
  • Be clear about how efficiency increases;
  • Leverage trends to find new opportunities for your business;
  • Identify the most valuable KPIs for your company.

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