Microsoft Power Platform helps to build back-to-school solutions with the Dynamics 365 education accelerator

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The beginning of autumn always associates with back-to-school times, feeling of excitement and impatience, however now this time is distorted by global pandemics. It is still unclear for some parents how distant learning process will go, they worry about the tech side and how to get the use of new software. For teachers it is vital to know each student is able to learn and has required materials. What is more significant is keeping families healthy and safe.

Microsoft partner Mazik Global decided to help schools adapt to current circumstances and a back-to-school solution based on Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and the Dynamics 365 education accelerator. The set of pre-build features is created to fasten development of solutions for K-12 and higher education.

Moreover, The Mazik Global gives a tool for schools to manage COVID-19 situation within their organization. This solution provides opportunity for parents to update schools with information about child's health condition and symptoms or possible exposure.

Therefore, schools have data for monitoring changing conditions and are always aware of the current health situation. For instance, the solution provides back-to-school dashboard which helps to analyze and also helps them reduce their connection with others. The dashboard is connected with the data, and all information and insights are visible to stuff for reviewing online.

Safe, less intense solution for tracking symptoms is provided by Mazik Global to:

Alert stuff and students of the dates of isolation

Allow organizations to use schedule and plan their work

Provide awareness via notifications and apps

Show involvement and care for saving friendly and healthy atmosphere on campus

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