Optimize order fulfillment and supply chain continuity with Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

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Many companies face supply chain problems. These difficulties are solvable by digital transformation, but organizational constraints are becoming an obstacle. The lack of awareness of corporate systems is an obstacle for companies to gain an understanding of their supply chain. And outdated technology hinders business continuity, affecting the inability to adapt to changing customer demand.

New technologies are helping to automate data-driven decision making. Data should be at the heart of strategy development. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management enables companies to make data-driven decisions.

Optimizing fulfillment with intelligance

The delivery of Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management includes a mechanism to optimize execution. It takes on the role of intelligently managing order complexity and providing real-time transparency and visibility of all inventory. Most often, problems in this area are faced by companies that carry out direct deliveries to the consumer. In recent surveys, virtually all original equipment manufacturers believe digital transformation is essential to an organization's strategic success.

The source of the problem is the complexity that comes from combining multiple sources of orders. The add-on also has more and more options for execution. Finally, it is also any number of storage locations from which inventory can be retrieved to fulfill customer orders. It is key for an organization to use and optimize these options. Only in this case enterprises will be able to profitably fulfill the agreements on the order.

The order fulfillment optimization mechanism is based on AI. Using simple APIs, you can connect to any of these enterprise applications. Companies can instantly connect to existing order management systems such as ERP and WMS. And also expand them thanks to pre-created partner connectors. Intelligent Order Management has an important role to play in the digital transformation of the supply chain. It provides flexibility in supply chain management and sustainability.

Effect of application

Those who directly supply products to the consumer simply need a solution that provides transparency of supply. This is how organizations can achieve supply chain resilience. Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management is central to the digital supply chain. An efficient execution optimization engine simplifies order management, execution and inventory sources. In addition, Microsoft has added new vendor connectors. This allows companies to take action long before the delivery of goods is delayed. For example, they can provide discounts on shipping and provide customers with transparent tracking of shipping status.

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