Install the learning module for the Field Service mobile app (Dynamics 365)

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The Field Service (Dynamics 365) app is designed to keep employees connected and up to date with important information. Employees use the app to view work information. Such as work notes, timetables, work orders and asset data. You can download the Field Service Learning Module (Dynamics 365) quickly and easily to learn step-by-step exercise guides and start using the app today.

Employees are provided with Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Guides data

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The key role of data in decision making

Data is changing the way we do business. The devices that people use every day are countless data points. However, data is not always centrally stored. This is the reason for the limited access to the necessary information. In order for the trends of the modern data hierarchy to be supported by all, companies should use effective business solutions for data storage. Access to valuable data will help employees make better decisions and generate new ideas based on relevant and structured information. This increases operational efficiency.

Dynamics 365 media and entertainment accelerator supports virtual live events and cloud-enabled content workflows

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The media entertainment industry is developing rapidly. And the remoteness of work processes has already become commonplace. To meet the needs of the audience, content creators constantly need to scale production, while finding opportunities to reduce costs and ensure productivity. At the same time, it is necessary to preserve the security of intellectual property.

Accounting for every client interaction with customer journey orchestration

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The advent of the digital age has greatly influenced customer behavior. As new technologies emerge, consumers expect brands to keep up with the times. As a result, consumers have adopted new behaviors. As a result, a decision was made that had an impact on consumer behavior in a digital environment.

Fully released Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

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Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management. It is a cloud-based solution built with the goal of accelerating the speed of omnicable transformation.

Release plans for the 2 wave of Power Platform in 2021

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In July, Microsoft posted plans for a wave 2 release for the Microsoft Power Platform. They list the list of features expected to be released between October 21' and March 22'. With this wave, many enhancements are proposed that reflect the ongoing efforts to transform our customers and partners.

Check out plans for Dynamics 365 release wave 2 of 2021

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In early July 2021, Microsoft posted information about its plans to release wave 2 for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The release of updates and improvements is planned from October 2021 to March 2022.

New TOEFL iBT and GRE General Test Center in Vienna.

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The Trainer-IT Training Center is pleased to announce the opening of the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and GRE General Test (Graduate Record Examinations) Testing Center in Vienna, Austria.

Use Guided Integration to Protect Your Business from Fraud

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When you implement new systems in your business, the process can become complex and lead to the fact that you waste resources that could be directed to the development of the business. When setting up fraud protection systems, focus on optimizing the business impact measurement. To make the integration process for Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection easier, Microsoft has added a guided process.

Retiring the rights to use Dynamics 365 Field Service (on-premises) June 30, 2022

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Microsoft announced that the Dynamics 365 Field Service (on-premises) use rights will be retiring on June 30, 2022. Learn how to prepare for changes if your company is running on-premises in this article.

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