The main 4 trends after pandemic

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In recent years, there have been significant changes in retail. The most important thing is non-attachment to the store and its availability anywhere and at any time. These changes happened just in time, because without the development of e-commerce, it would be extremely difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to survive during a pandemic. Fortunately, innovative companies have managed to adapt to difficult conditions.

Built-in mobile features optimized for merchants help increase productivity.

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The last year has greatly changed the usual approach to doing business: there are fewer trips and movements, but the workforce has become busier. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of sales, and salespeople have more responsibilities and jobs that often have to be combined across time zones.

Mixed Reality Dynamics 365 Guides in Northeastern University Practices for Hands-On Learning

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Representatives from Northeastern University have been looking for exciting research and education solutions to provide an interesting experience for their students. Statista data suggests that education and experiential learning has become incredibly important in the development of mixed, virtual and augmented reality technology and content. Northeastern University examines modern approaches and teaching methods, applying more innovative technologies and effective solutions.

How to advance your on-premises migration to Dynamics 365

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Change is not always easy. Economic changes due to the pandemic have pushed many organizations to rethink their processes and infrastructures to stay competitive. Changes in the market have accelerated the transition to cloud technologies, but some companies are still assessing the costs of the transition. To address this issue, Microsoft launched the Dynamics 365 Migration Community. This community will answer all migration questions and provide access to Microsoft resources to accelerate your transition to Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform help to boost business transformation

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform have had a real year of breakthrough across industries. Companies around the world are using Dynamics 365 to quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment and innovate in their businesses. In the third quarter, revenue grew by 45%.

Dynamics 365 Guides and Azure Object Anchors helping you to improve on-the-job guidance

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As the pace of production increases, organizations are trying to improve the skills of their employees faster. The lack of the necessary qualifications means that more than 4 million jobs in the US manufacturing industry may be left without specialists.

Agility is a key to success for small and midsized businesses

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Small and medium-sized businesses are distinguished by their uniqueness. Strategy building is one of the most important factors. The key aspect is the ability to come up with new ways of development and ways to implement innovative solutions. In fact, only flexibility, the ability to adapt business models, can lead small and medium-sized enterprises to successful development. In addition, a developed ecosystem is required to implement a high level of flexibility.

Ways to enhance reports in Business Central

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For any software designed for business operations, it is critical to have a data visualization function. Reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central and other programs accomplish this task.

Check out innovations for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Dynamics 365 Business Central supports small and midsize businesses to adapt and operate more efficiently.

A more efficient anti-fraud process using manual analysis

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Fighting fraud is time and resource intensive, so Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection takes a holistic approach to manual verification to speed and efficiently detect fraud.

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