Dynamics 365 Finance helps to Simplify and automate compliance with asset leasing

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Changes are constant. Challenge is what most of the companies are going through nowadays. At the same time trying to control everything leads to loosing sight of such matters as reacting to changes in accounting regulations that are risky to leave without attention.

Earnings and reputation are in safety thanks to Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

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Events that happened lately affecting all areas of activity, made us adapt to new changes, so do businesses have to adjust. Both customers and businesses now turned to online platforms replacing previously common way of interaction. A rapid increase in online transactions is seen now in such industries as delivery, online retail and entertainment.

Ways to control VAT rate changes in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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VAT - value-added tax became popular among many countries due to the consequences of COVID-19. Moreover, some countries declared their intention to stimulate its economics by changes in VAT rates. For instance, European economic giant, Germany, already has announced lowering of rates (from 19% to 16%) till the end of 2020.

K-12 application development is supported by Dynamics 365 education accelerator update

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To begin with, it's important to warmly thank all people who work in the field of education. The end of the school year was unusual for almost every Alma mater, but hopefully now it's a holiday time. Schools played an important role for students this spring. Despite uncertainty, they tried to provide the same attention, involvement and empathy towards every student. A great work has been done by educational and administer sectors. Students and their parents are on the verge of a new school year, preparing for new conditions that they have faced first recently.

Expanding Dynamics 365 features acquiring Orions Systems

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Microsoft helps organizations increase the potential of their observational data

The main idea of computer vision is quickly increasing to include helping businesses work more efficient and boost earning potential. For retailers there is a benefit of better customer understanding to better manage their area. Nevertheless, brick-and-mortar retailers now face a problem of lacking the data which could be used for analyzing customer's actions, and therefore giving entrepreneurs opportunities for revenue growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Store is aimed to fix these problems. Such technologies as computer vision and IoT sensors will help businesses to analyze the target audience and optimize their work processes.

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