Release of mobile app in the advanced settings of Dynamics 365 Sales Preview

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At a time when many even partly work from home, it is very important to have an optimized mobile app for the sales team. Responsibilities for sales transactions should be performed regardless of whether the specialists are in the office, at home or in the car. Doing work from phone saves a lot of expensive time.

To help your team be more productive and work from anywhere, Dynamics 365 Sales offers a new optimized mobile app. The application's capabilities are wide. It helps to respond quickly, interact with customers, share and find information.

What's unusual about this app?

It aims to help the sales team:

  • Before meeting with clients, salespeople need to prepare. The seller immediately sees a huge amount of useful information. Namely, meeting attendees, their Outlook replies, reminders, notes, estimated income, and closing date.
  • The ability to share information using simplified forms and built-in device capabilities. For simplicity and ease of use, all the details can be recorded in notes using voice input. Sellers can also attach images taken on your phone. There is also a special form with which it is easy to update information and not spend a lot of time on it. With just one click, sellers can access additional information.
  • The home screen provides options for working with sales data, displaying upcoming appointments, and recently viewed entries. Relevant search allows salespeople to quickly and efficiently find new information.

Establish your sales organizations

The mobile application has a preliminary version available to everyone. But before using the app, administrators should do the following:

  • In the additional settings of Dynamics 365 Sales, enable the mobile application
  • Activate relevant search in the Power Platform admin center. That way, team members can also use relevance search.
  • After completing the first two steps, notify the sellers that they need to install the app. Then they can start using it.

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