81220. Application Setup in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Course duration 2 days



This course provides students with the tools to implement and maintain cross-application setup data after the system components are installed. The focus is on the application-oriented work involved in setting up and maintaining company-wide rules, data, and users.

What are the goals for this course?

Understand RapidStart Services Process Flow

Configure a New Company Using RapidStart Services

Use Configuration Worksheets and Questionnaires

Use Data Templates

Import Configuration Packages

Perform Data Migration Using Assisted Setup

Setup Users and User Groups

Use Permission Sets

Set up the Change Log

Make Change Log Entries

Use Number Series

Set up Source Codes

Set up Specific Posting Groups

Set up General Posting Groups

Use Dimensions and Enter Dimension Values

Posting with Dimensions

What are the prerequisites to consume this course?

General knowledge of Microsoft Office

Basic understanding of accounting

Basic knowledge of Business Central or complete 81241. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Module 01: Set Up a Company Using RapidStart Services

  • RapidStart Services Process Flow
  • Configuration Worksheet
  • Configuration Questionnaires
  • Data Templates
  • Configuration Package
  • Creating Configuration Packages
  • Configure a New Company Using RapidStart Services
  • Data Migration Using RapidStart Services
  • Migrate Data Using RapidStart Services
  • Field Mapping
  • Missing Codes
  • Data Migration Using Assisted Setup

Module 02: Manage Users

  • User-Specific Setup
  • RoleTailored User Setup
  • Assign Profiles to Users

Module 03: Change Log Setup

  • Change Log Overview
  • Setting up the Change Log
  • Change Log Entries
  • Working with Change Log Entries

Module 04: Set Up Number Series

  • Number Series
  • Setting Up Number Series
  • Number Series Relationships
  • Setting Up Number Series Relationships

Module 05: Set Up Trail Codes

  • Source Codes and Source Code Setup
  • Reason Codes
  • Practice: Create Reason Codes and Use them in a General Journal

Module 06: Set Up General Journal Templates and Batches

  • General Journal Templates, Batches, and Lines
  • Create Journal Templates and Batches

Module 07: Set Up Posting Groups

  • Specific Posting Groups
  • Set Up and Assign Specific Posting Groups
  • General Posting Groups
  • Set Up General Posting Groups
  • General Posting Setup
  • VAT Posting Groups
  • VAT Posting Setup
  • Set up VAT using the Assisted Setup

Module 08: Set Up Dimensions

  • Dimensions and Dimension Values
  • How to Set Up Dimensions and Dimension Values
  • Entering Dimensions Manually in Documents
  • Dimensions in General Ledger Setup
  • Setting Up Dimensions in General Ledger Setup
  • Default Dimensions
  • Assign Default Dimensions to Single Accounts
  • Assign Default Dimensions to Multiple Accounts
  • Account Type Default Dimensions
  • Assign Account Type Default Dimensions
  • Default Dimension Priority
  • Conflicting Default Dimensions
  • Dimension Combinations
  • Setting Up Dimension Combinations

Module 09: Workflow

  • Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Analyze the Purchase Invoice Workflow
  • Workflow Setup
  • Create Workflows
  • Use Workflows

Module 10: Set Up and Manage Approval Workflows

  • Approval User Setup
  • Approval Workflows
  • Set up Approval Workflows using Assisted Setup
  • Use the Purchase Document Approval System
Installation, customization:
  • Dynamics 365