80870. Introduction to Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Course duration 1 day



This course will help introduce you into the world of reporting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The objectives for the course

We'll start by discussing the background knowledge that's helpful or necessary to work with reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Then we'll dive into the details regarding CRM's online reporting platform. We'll then walk through all the out-of-the-box reporting tools and the different possibilities with inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. And then we're going to wrap up the course by analyzing all the Power BI tools and their capabilities.


Module 01: Helpful knowledge

  • Data Structure
  • Advanced Find Design
  • .NET Chart Control
  • Module Review

Module 02: Reporting Platform

  • Fetch XML Reports
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio and Fetch Based Reports
  • Module Review

Module 03: Reporting Tools and Possibilities

  • Views, Charts and Dashboards
  • Demo: Views, Charts and Dashboards
  • Templates and Static and Dynamic Worksheets
  • Demo: Exporting to Excel and Word templates
  • Microsoft Word Mail-Merge
  • Exporting Reports and Importing Custom Reports
  • Module Review


  • Practice 3.1: Interacting with system views and system charts
  • Practice 3.2: Working with Immersive Excel

Module 04: Introduction to Power Business Intelligence (BI)

  • What's PowerBI
  • Power BI Components
  • PowerMap, and PowerQuery
  • Power Map Layers
  • Demo: Showing opportunities on a map by customer location
  • PowerPivot
  • PowerView
  • Module Review


  • Practice 4.1: Connecting CRM Online to Power Bi as a Data Source. Explore the Sales Manager Dashboard in Power BI with the CRM Online dat

Module 05: Course Review

  • CRM
  • CRM