A more efficient anti-fraud process using manual analysis

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Fighting fraud is time and resource intensive, so Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection takes a holistic approach to manual verification to speed and efficiently detect fraud.

The manual validation tool, available in preview, allows you to set rules for defining transactions. By placing items in a queue, you facilitate and extend the verification process. The tool allows you to create queues based on rules or business processes with intelligent routing. This helps peer reviewers complete tasks on schedule. This seamless integration reduces complex feedback loops. And also has the ability to scale to perform any of the types of manual viewing operations.

The main features:

Queue Control

You can create and manage processes in one place, directing suspicious transactions to different queues for manual analysis based on specific criteria.

Dashboard for monitoring

Use the dashboard to view carefully selected data with a history of previous transactions. This is how you can view transactions and analyze fraud patterns.

Create editable actions

Add editable scripts such as fraud flagging. They can be used for tracking and analysis. Users can also escalate complex transactions requiring further consideration.

Performance dashboard with settings

Users can view a dashboard with a list of verified and fraudulent orders. Also track false positives calculated by the analytics team. All data in report format can be exported and used for discussions.

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