The ways banks simplify connections using customer data platforms

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It is undoubtfully known that customers are the main asset for banking industry. Nowadays banks are interested in focusing on customer preferences and supporting essential specialists as never before. It is the opportunity for banks to show customer-focused experience in the times when people continue to face financial instability and hardship.

Unfortunately, due to poor feedback opportunities, it is hard to understand and predict customer needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is the technology that comes in handy here providing opportunity to track and analyze customer insights.

Reasons why banks care of customer data platforms

Not only now, but even far before a pandemic gathering customer feedback was a struggle for organizations. Unsorted and partial data provides an unclear picture of the target audience. The struggle can be reduced with the help of data integration systems and solutions for more efficient customer connection. Ideally, businesses will understand customer experience and react to both positive and negative feedback.

In the beginning the task is to unify customer data from all resources and after that enrich it with data from own and third-party signals, including customer reviews. The main idea is not only gathering the information from different recourses, but also making systems work together and automate collection of feedback. The results of customer feedback analytics are available for business in any time within dashboards.

Simple but powerful – that is about Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. It provides companies with correct live feedback and helps to empower customer-focused experience. Customer data systems (in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing) are integrated with the gathered feedback, therefore, companies receive a clear unified view of their customer.

Customer feedback is democratized in business apps

It is a common fact that collected feedback is used by only a few people working in the service team, while it should be distributed across the whole organization. It is the only way to improve customer-focused experience and satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice makes users to adopt feedback into all applications they use within the Microsoft system and other third-partly integrations.

The benefit of this algorithm lies in personal approach, since businesses know exactly the prerequisites for obtaining such experience of usage and consequences of it. Companies also can prioritize customers with urgent problems, expressing great dissatisfaction, and those who just need an explanation of functionality.

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